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Prominent Ear

The angle between the ear and the head is larger than normal in  prominent ear. This causes the ears to be prominent especially when viewed from the front. It is not a health problem, but it causes the to attract attention. Prominent ear shape is a congenital condition. It is pleasant to families and the environment in infancy and early childhood, but the high awareness of school-age children and their ruthless criticism of different people cause children with prominent ear shape to hide their ears constantly and withdraw themselves from the social environment . For this reason, it is recommended to perform prominent ear surgery, especially before starting school or nursery, if the child is aware of this situation and is unhappy.

Prominent ear surgeries can be performed at any age after the age of 5-6, when the ear development is completed. It is never too late for prominent ear surgeries that can be performed at any age . 


While these surgeries performed in childhood are under general anesthesia, they can be performed under local anesthesia in adults and adolescence (after the average age of 15). An incision is made behind the ear and some skin is removed. Cartilage shaping is done by lifting the ear skin and the ear is pulled back with surgical threads and brought to the appropriate angle. There is an operation bandage for 3-4 days and then a hair band is used for 4-6 weeks.

Is there a non-surgical solution?

If the deformity in the ear is noticed in the newborn period, it can be corrected with the continuous use of hair bands, but this should be done within the first 1-2 months. This method is not effective in the late periods.