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Whole Body Contouring

Whole body contouring and shaping surgeries are generally performed in cases where tissue elasticity is lost and there is significant skin sagging due to excessive weight loss or frequent weight change after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass etc.

Body shaping is the last part of the weight loss journey. In this way, you will get a more proportional and shaped body appearance. Body shaping are generally planned as 3 sessions: lower body lift; 360 degree body lift or beltlipectomy, hip shaping, upper body shaping; arm lift, breast lift with torso side shaping, and thigh lift.

Generally, in the first session, if there is excess skin and sagging in the abdomen and waist area along with falling down and loss of volume on the buttocks, both butt lift and shaping and stretching to the abdomen and waist area (beltlipectomy or 360 degree body lift) are performed in a single operation. In the second session, arm lift, sagging breast with or without prosthesis, and skin sagging on the chest side wall are eliminated. In the last stage, thigh stretching is performed. If necessary, liposuction is added during this surgery.

Body lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia in the hospital setting. You usually stay in the hospital for 2-3 nights. Special corsets are used for 4-6 weeks after the operation. On average, in 10-15 days, you will feel good and you will be able to do your daily work very easily. After such an operation, a high protein diet is recommended, and scar care is important as there are long incisions.

For such an operation, your weight must be stable (at least for the last 6 months), you must not have a serious systemic disease such as insulin-dependent diabetes, chronic kidney failure, peripheral vascular disease that will adversely affect wound healing, you must not have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and you must definitely not smoke or have undergone surgery You should have quit at least 3 weeks ago and you should not smoke for 3 months afterwards.

The result of whole body stretching and shaping surgeries is usually immediately noticeable. However, the visibility of the traces is lost and the final result takes an average of 2 years.